Write the characteristics of a student only on the prescribed form of the organization. If you do not, then you need to know in advance the details of the company: name, address, contact details, payment details, email address. Complete without error all this information at the top of the A4 sheet.
Specify after filling in the hats name, name and patronymic of the student-practice (need exact date, month and year). Also mention in which division or Department the student has acquired professional skills.
Go to the main part of the characteristics about the manufacturing practices of the student. Tell absolutely about all types of activities in which he participated. Specify the methodological goals and tasks that stood before him. Write about whether he achieved them or not.
Remember during the filling of the report that all responsibilities that were performed by the student during the internship must be directly connected with the received speciality. Moreover, you need to meet all methodological requirements for internship.
Be sure to mention on personal and professional qualities of the student-trainee, which he showed during training and the interaction with the work team. Examples include: punctuality, skill to communicate, diligence, initiative, reliability, and others.
Summarize student work at the end of the report. Write about how he proved himself during practice. Put a well-deserved rating. For example, Sergeev I. V. showed himself a responsible Executive and an employee, all his obligations were fulfilled on time and virtually flawlessly. The recommended rating is "good."
Go to the final part of his report. Specify the date and write your details: name, position, contact phone number. Sign it and put the installed seal of the organization.