You should write a feature on the letterhead of your company. If not this, then be sure to include the details of the organization, i.e. its full name, legal address, contact numbers, banking details, e-mail address. All this information write on a sheet of paper at the top (make a hat).
Then specify the surname, name, patronymic of the student, the period of practice (from what on what day, month, year) in which division or Department of the enterprise acquired practical skills of the trainee.
Then go to the main part of characteristics. List all kinds of works, which was attended by student teachers. Mark the tasks with which your mentee has successfully coped. Please note that all work performed during the practice of (functional responsibilities) must be tied to a student acquired specialty and answer guidelines for the internship.
Can also write about professional and personal qualities of the student (e.g., punctuality, responsibility, initiative, entrepreneurship, etc.), which he displayed while working and communicating with team.
Be sure to summarize the work of the Intern. Write about how proved to the student during the internship, and a rating. For example, Ivanov I. I. he proved to be efficient and disciplined worker, all jobs were done efficiently and in the allotted time. The recommended rating is "excellent".
In the final part of features date please complete your details: name, position, contact phone. Don't forget to sign and stamp of the organization.