Start collecting information for the reviewand during practices. Take note of the strengths and weaknesses of student work, as well as those specific duties that you performed in your organization.
Write the text of the opinion. Clear form this document, but there are the required items. First enter the surname, name and patronymic of the trainee, then the name of your organization, Department, where he worked and the period when practice was held. Can also specify a specific position which was held by the Intern, if applicable to a specific situation.
Then describe the scope of work, which were attended by the Intern. For example, a student who is to practice in a law firm, may participate in the drafting of documents, to be present at the communication of the lawyers with clients, and so on.
Specify the specific knowledge that the student obtained in practice. For example, the student-engineer, passing practice at the factory, you can write that he became acquainted with the complex production processes and gained knowledge about the modern company.
At the end of the text give your opinion the work of the student. Evaluate his theoretical knowledge, diligence, desire to learn something new, the motivation in work. Also Express your opinion about the assessment, where the student deserves. In this section are valid not only praise but also constructive criticism that will help future specialist in professional formation.
After reviewand write your surname, name and patronymic, position and signature. Then the document will be signed by the head of the Department or organization and to assure the paper seal. You will then be able to convey opinion or personally to the student or to the Dean of his school.