Successfully complete one of the educational institutions of the Ministry of emergency situations. In Russia there are several universities and academies related to this structural unit. To enroll in school , emergencies can have at the age of 17. For this we need to provide the results of the Unified State examination and the standard package of documents for admission. In the presence of the admissions Committee to pass the required standards of physical training and pass a psychological interview.
Contact the personnel service of the Ministry of emergency situations. In each region of the Russian Federation works personnel service , Ministry of emergency situations. There you can find information about the reception of citizens in bodies of emergency situations. Enrollment is based on a contractual or voluntary basis.
Enroll in the service. Entering the service always takes place on a competitive basis. This point is taken into account not only the assessment from the Academy, but also the characteristics of the schools, in the army, the presence of discharges in the sport, lack of criminal record in the applicant for the service and his relatives, driving license, health status, personal qualities. During a conversation with the personnel officer should make a positive impression and to tell you about all the important moments of your life that could affect your employment.