Be aware that a desire for service in military intelligence is not enough. Reconnaissance units are the elite of the army. Selection of personnel in their ranks is very strict and is a lot of competition among young people. Having a dream to get into exploration, get ready for this test seriously and in advance.
Start with the most important - medical examination for the suitability of service in the army. In the military Commissariat at the place of residence will specify the criteria for the medical selection of recruits in the armed forces. Pass the Commission and will receive a certificate according to the form A-1 or A-2.
After a medical examination, write an application addressed to the military Commissioner with a request to send you for service in the army. It explain their desire to serve in military intelligence. In the report, specify your motives and sports categories, profession. Skydiving, driving licence and the category of shooting will increase your chances of getting into elite troops. Welcome classes of power martial arts. This statement will modify to your personal case and it will be your calling card.
Remember that the service in military intelligence is connected with the secrecy. This work on various models of equipment, use of the secret documents and maps. Complete tolerance for secrecy.
The credentials Committee, where will be present once again declares his desire to serve in military intelligence.
Arrive on time to the Assembly point of a military Commissariat on the agenda. In the selection of the team to follow the place of service show persistence and ingenuity. First and foremost, this concerns the geographical location of the parts. Get in touch with the officers for recruits. Describe to them the nature of your request and list its advantages. Be prepared for the fact that the number of qualities they can check on the spot. It is important to assure the sincerity of your intentions. To realize his dream, try to get in the infantry or tank forces.
In the selection of the specific part of the show maximum diligence and efforts to pass the tests. The main focus will be on physical endurance and psychological compatibility.
Do not despair, if at once you don't determine the ranks of the reconnaissance company. Be aware that the recruitment in these units always pass the competition. There's always a chance to Excel and get into the scouts. Write a report on the team, where you expressed a desire to serve in intelligence. Please contact with an oral request to the chief of intelligence of the military unit. If the characteristics of the road in military intelligence will be open to you. But do not forget that the work of the scout and hard to prepare for it in advance.