General requirements in relation to the ordinary police

A citizen who wishes to enter the service of the police must: have Russian citizenship, have no current and closed criminal records, be of working age, have excellent health and maintain a positive moral lifestyle.

If a few years ago, for males, military service was a requirement, now, gave you the duty to the Motherland or not, does not matter. The availability of complete secondary education is necessary.

For those wishing to enlist in the officer corps, there are special requirements.

Special requirements in relation to officers

For the police service in the officer rank must higher education. It is possible to obtain, already working with the police in the rank of private. All officers are given the opportunity to study on a budgetary basis at one of the many branches and foreign Affairs Institute, at the correspondence Department. Well, if you have a desire to move up the career ladder, there is the possibility of obtaining second higher education, but only on a commercial basis, albeit at quite reasonable prices. As before, the service received the military officers in the rank that they had when serving in the army, as an army rank cannot be undone.

Changes in connection with new reform

Recent reform has expanded the boundaries of education in order to get a job in the armed forces. Now police officers can become any citizen having a specialized diploma civil University of the Russian Federation.

To be an investigator, as always, be sure to have a law degree, but for the inspector on Affairs of minors previously required two degrees - in law and education, now required only the presence of the diploma of the pedagogical University. Also, when applying for a job you may be required some experience. Therefore, it is desirable when studying at the University to complete the internship in the police Department in which you wish to work on and show their best side. After employment, you expect a 6-month internship and pillar College, so that the lack of seniority, subject to the successful passage of practice I can close my eyes.