What is the national Guard of Russia?

The President of Russia on 5 April 2016 announced the creation of qualitatively new structures in the Armed Forces. This structure will become national Guard. It will be organized on the basis of Interior Ministry troops and special forces. The National Guard will enter the most elite units of the Armed forces: riot police special forces unit "Zubr" aviation group "Hawk" rapid response unit "Rys".

In addition to the special forces, the National Guard will gain and ordinary soldiers. The main functions of the National Guard will be the fight against terrorist organizations, law enforcement and preservation of peace in our state. The number of National Guard will be about 300 thousand people.

Requirements to candidates to the National Guard

The National Guard will only accept soldiers who have served in the border guards or Interior troops. There is and age limit. The candidate should not be older than 31 years. Also the candidate must be a citizen of Russia and have a permanent place of residence. The tenderer should have a complete family is a great advantage. Also candidate to the National Guard of Russia must have excellent health and have good physical preparation.

How to get the service in the National Guard of Russia?

Service in the National Guard will be fully on a contract basis. The main part of the composition will be translated into internal orders. But a petition for service in the ranks of the National Guard of the citizens will soon start to take the Military Commissariat. Essentially the process is similar to contract service in the normal part, but only with additional requirements.