The first stage of selection

On service in FSB of Russia, as a rule, take the warrant officers and cadets of military schools applying for the post of officers. The officer must have a higher education, and the officer at least average, as the number of officer positions is 97%, and warrant officers-3%. To get to the FSB, the candidate should be recommended to current or former employee of SPC, "alpha" or "Vympel". The selection is made from students of the Moscow VOKA, border institutions and the Ministry of defence. The centre's staff, came to these schools, the selected group of candidates studying the personal files of students, and then selected candidates are invited for interview.

Physical parameters:

1. The applicant must come to the physical parameters: growth not below 175 centimetres, with the exception of those with growth deficiencies kompensiruet excellent professional skills.

2. The age of applicant should not exceed 28 years, except those transferred to SPC from other law enforcement agencies with the availability of combat experience.

In the second stage, the candidate goes through physical testing. Physical testing includes tests for physical training and unarmed combat. For office staff "A" and Control "V" there is a slight difference in the requirement of standards. Running three miles in 10 minutes 30 seconds, a hundred meters in 12 seconds; pulling up on the bar to control the "A" 25раз, Management "In" 20 times; the stretching and bending of the torso 90 times in 2 minutes; push-UPS for the applicant to Have the Board "And" 90 times, to the "In"75 times if dips 30 times; complex power exercise. Time to rest between exercises 3 minutes. If the receiving employee noticed the vagueness of the execution of any exercise, it does not count.

Hand to hand combat

After passing the standards, the applicant is given thier minutes to rest. Then starts the competition in unarmed combat, opponent which acts as an instructor or employee of special troops of FSB, without taking into consideration the weight category of the candidate.

Special check

At this stage there is a check of all the relatives of the candidate and his psychological condition via testing. In all selection stages you need to dial 700 to 900 points.

Interview with parents

At this stage are called for an interview his wife and parents, after their written consent and successful completion of all above listed stages, the applicant entered the service of the FSB in the role of a young soldier.

When an unscrupulous service candidate may be expelled from the special forces.