Advice 1: How to get to serve in the intelligence

Military intelligence elite units that are engaged in the production and study of information about the enemy and about the place of future hostilities. To be in the ranks of intelligence units is very difficult.
How to get to serve in the intelligence
Be mentally prepared for what will have to pass a big competition. In the reconnaissance troops selected the best soldiers to perform difficult tasks. Therefore, to prepare for future military service should begin in advance.
Pass a medical examination in the military. It should confirm that you have a very good health and high physical performance. At the end of the Commission you have to get a conclusion in the prescribed form.
Then write an application addressed to the military Commissioner, which asked to direct you to serve in the army, and state the reasons why you want to join the ranks of military intelligence. Please indicate what you have sports categories and special skills. Hiking, skydiving, shooting, combat it will increase your chances of becoming a scout.
Since the branch deals with sensitive documents, you should have a crystal clear biography to get a permit. Neither you nor your immediate family may not have a criminal record. In addition, you should not consist on the account in a psychoneurological and narcological clinic.
During the call once again describe to the Commissar of my request and list all of their special dignity. Prepare to be that you do not just send in the desired branch of service. At the same time try to get into the infantry or armored troops, then your chances to realize his dream during further service will increase. Try to get in touch with those officers coming to get recruits. However, be prepared for the fact that you can check on the physical quality and mental toughness.
To get into the intelligence you can, in any way distinguished themselves. Try to exercise diligence during training during the course of the young fighter. If you notice, you can contact the nearest commander of the intelligence with the request to transfer.

Advice 2 : How to get into military intelligence

For combat support troops, the most important type is that of military intelligence. She has been responsible for the production and study of information about the enemy, terrain and area of upcoming combat operations, which are necessary units to perform assigned tasks. Service in the ranks of intelligence agencies is always perceived with respect among the population.
How to get into military intelligence
Be aware that a desire for service in military intelligence is not enough. Reconnaissance units are the elite of the army. Selection of personnel in their ranks is very strict and is a lot of competition among young people. Having a dream to get into exploration, get ready for this test seriously and in advance.
Start with the most important - medical examination for the suitability of service in the army. In the military Commissariat at the place of residence will specify the criteria for the medical selection of recruits in the armed forces. Pass the Commission and will receive a certificate according to the form A-1 or A-2.
After a medical examination, write an application addressed to the military Commissioner with a request to send you for service in the army. It explain their desire to serve in military intelligence. In the report, specify your motives and sports categories, profession. Skydiving, driving licence and the category of shooting will increase your chances of getting into elite troops. Welcome classes of power martial arts. This statement will modify to your personal case and it will be your calling card.
Remember that the service in military intelligence is connected with the secrecy. This work on various models of equipment, use of the secret documents and maps. Complete tolerance for secrecy.
The credentials Committee, where will be present once again declares his desire to serve in military intelligence.
Arrive on time to the Assembly point of a military Commissariat on the agenda. In the selection of the team to follow the place of service show persistence and ingenuity. First and foremost, this concerns the geographical location of the parts. Get in touch with the officers for recruits. Describe to them the nature of your request and list its advantages. Be prepared for the fact that the number of qualities they can check on the spot. It is important to assure the sincerity of your intentions. To realize his dream, try to get in the infantry or tank forces.
In the selection of the specific part of the show maximum diligence and efforts to pass the tests. The main focus will be on physical endurance and psychological compatibility.
Do not despair, if at once you don't determine the ranks of the reconnaissance company. Be aware that the recruitment in these units always pass the competition. There's always a chance to Excel and get into the scouts. Write a report on the team, where you expressed a desire to serve in intelligence. Please contact with an oral request to the chief of intelligence of the military unit. If the characteristics of the road in military intelligence will be open to you. But do not forget that the work of the scout and hard to prepare for it in advance.
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An important factor in the selection of the ranks of army intelligence in addition to physical training are psychological stability and compatibility.

Advice 3 : How to get into elite troops

Service in the elite troops has always been considered prestigious. This is career growth, and purity in payroll, and just very interesting . But you need to understand that candidates have to go through a rather complicated selection process and meet strict requirements.
How to get into elite troops

Kremlin troops

For service in the armed forces of the Kremlin, you must meet certain physical requirements. In particular need to be an increase of not less than 175 and not more than 190 cm it is Also worth noting that the weight should be of normal proportion to such a high figure. In addition, the sharpness of each eye may not be less than 0.7 to have acceptable color vision. There are limitations, not allowing to serve in the armed forces of the Kremlin. For example, the applicant must not have relatives abroad, have complaints from the police and to be registered psychiatrist, the psychiatrist and dermatologist.

Internal troops

To get the service in the internal troops can each recruit, having deviations in physical condition. As a rule, it is enough to announce his desire to the recruiting officer and argue it. However, the internal troops themselves are not considered elite. These are commando units such as Vityaz, alpha, FSB and GRU. Become a member of such elite units only after the passage of military service or completion of military Department. To qualify for service in these units, only those who endure certain tests. For applicants developed a fairly complex psychological and physical tests that determine the readiness for service. Examiners will check and firearms training, and the ability to resist the opponent in hand-to-hand combat, and endurance. In addition, carefully studied the biography of the applicant, his family ties, and does consent to the service of parents and spouses.

Foreign intelligence

For service in foreign intelligence suitable candidates whose age is in the range from 22 to 30 years. You must have higher technical or arts education, and be fluent in one foreign language, the level of which is determined by employees of the organization. In addition, most assessments in the last year institutes of higher education should be high. Limitations for the service, no different from the claims of other elite units. Necessarily match the physical and intellectual training, and lack of previous convictions and foreign citizenship.

Almost every kind of troops in Russia, has its own elite unit. To clarify the information that will help to come closer to getting the job, you can learn in the military or in the appropriate Department.
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