Be mentally prepared for what will have to pass a big competition. In the reconnaissance troops selected the best soldiers to perform difficult tasks. Therefore, to prepare for future military service should begin in advance.
Pass a medical examination in the military. It should confirm that you have a very good health and high physical performance. At the end of the Commission you have to get a conclusion in the prescribed form.
Then write an application addressed to the military Commissioner, which asked to direct you to serve in the army, and state the reasons why you want to join the ranks of military intelligence. Please indicate what you have sports categories and special skills. Hiking, skydiving, shooting, combat it will increase your chances of becoming a scout.
Since the branch deals with sensitive documents, you should have a crystal clear biography to get a permit. Neither you nor your immediate family may not have a criminal record. In addition, you should not consist on the account in a psychoneurological and narcological clinic.
During the call once again describe to the Commissar of my request and list all of their special dignity. Prepare to be that you do not just send in the desired branch of service. At the same time try to get into the infantry or armored troops, then your chances to realize his dream during further service will increase. Try to get in touch with those officers coming to get recruits. However, be prepared for the fact that you can check on the physical quality and mental toughness.
To get into the intelligence you can, in any way distinguished themselves. Try to exercise diligence during training during the course of the young fighter. If you notice, you can contact the nearest commander of the intelligence with the request to transfer.