You will need
  • - the written application for consideration of candidacy for the service;
  • - autobiography;
  • questionnaire;
  • - personal documents (passport, military ID card, diploma, certificates and acts of civil status the documents of close relatives);
  • - information on the income;
  • photography.
To start, apply to the authority for security at the place of residence. Fill in all the questionnaires as honestly as possible, since all the information is in details is checked and if it is discovered some kind of a hoax, you will never be able to get a job in FSB. An employee can only be a citizen of the Russian Federation who does not have citizenship of a foreign state and complies with the personal, professional, physical and psychological qualities.
Your application will be considered quite a long time. As a rule, all checks take about three months. If all the documents are gone, you will be summoned to the personnel Department.
Next, you need to undergo a medical examination, the results of which will be undergoing a psychological screening. After passing all tests, reveals the level of intellectual development, speed of thinking, communication skills. Determination of competency of each candidate to check with the specific requirements of the position for which he does. You must have a University degree and a clean reputation in the eyes of the law. Also checked relatives and friends.
After all the medical examinations you will be directed to the fitness test. The candidate must have height not less than 175 centimeters, to be able to catch up on the bar at least 10 times. Will need to pass the women's 100 meters, a kilometer and 3 kilometers. Requirements may vary depending on the position for which the employee claims.
Then begins the next stage – a polygraph test. You will be asked questions whose purpose is to identify "dark spots" in biographies (addiction to alcohol, drugs, connection with the criminal world, etc.).
Then FSB conducts an interview with the relatives, which all interviewees must give consent to the enrollment of the candidate for service.
The results of all stages will be credited only those applicants who have successfully passed all stages of selection and meet the current requirements.