Under current law, you have the right to choose any public health care facility and any doctor that will watch you. But in practice most people still go to the clinic at the place of residence. The location of the medical establishment in the immediate vicinity of the house, of course, convenient, but not always the quality of service at height. There is no certainty in the fact that in the new place you will be served as VIP person, so before you implement the decision to change the health care facility, gather feedback about the selected clinic.
Take medical documents from the clinic in which you have observed before. The new doctor could cure you, it needs to have on hand a complete history of your illness. However, if you are rarely addressed in the clinic and do not have chronic diseases, your medical records are records only about a couple of colds, can "donate" it (the map) of the former medical institution.
Contact the registry selected clinic and explain that you want to occur in the facility. You will be asked to write a letter to the chief physician and have a medical card (in the case that the old left in the previous clinic). If you come with their health documents, your card will assign a number and pick it up. It will be stored at the reception of a new clinic and be issued to you each time you visit.
If the treatment you refuse to watch, you can contact the parent organization, for example, the Department of Health. Also not the superfluous will call and the insurance company that issued your insurance.