Approach the subject objectively. If you don't like the doctor for personal reasons is not a reason to change the pediatrician. For every doctor there is a file view the presence of specialization, previous work experience. This information can be found either on the site or on the University website, where she studied the doctor. A physician with experience in intensive care, the hospital, the ambulance is much more experienced young professional who is receiving in next door and manages to see the patient for a few minutes.
Explore alternative options. Is there a clinic worthy professionals. You can come for a trial appointment, citing the urgency or ignorance of the schedule. See how the doctor will react to patients from someone else's site and draw your own conclusions.
You must obtain the consent of the doctor to whom you want to see as a pediatrician. Big load, lots of kids in the area in under one year of age who visit the clinic on a monthly basis, the presence of complex patients - all of which can cause failure.
If the doctor agrees to be your local, more precise - how is he going to visit you at home. Often the basic condition is consent of independent visit to the clinic, and in the case of house calls, the willingness to seek advice from the duty doctor or pediatrician, which is fixed to your home (this doctor from whom you want to leave). The statement should specify the details of the child and their data, put date and signature.
If the head refuses to accept the application, don't insist. You should send a registered letter or put a statement in the office where its registers. No need to write long statements as reason enough to specify the standard phrase - "for personal reasons". Usually after this step, an appeal to a higher authority is not required.
Call the insurance company, a formal appeal to the Ministry of health (it can be done on the website of the city administration) measures extreme, but very effective. Penalties against hospitals and close attention to the Health Insurance Fund not needed any clinic.