Advice 1: Do I need to change insurance when you change residence

Insurance insurance, which entitles them to free medical care, is issued to all Russians. The data specified in it are required to match information in other documents. That is why when you change the registration policy should be modified accordingly.
Do I need to change insurance when you change residence
Insurance is the main document confirming that the owner is insured and has the right to receive free medical care guaranteed under the law and list of services. That is why the policy is required to have every citizen of the Russian Federation, regardless of their social and financial situation. Acting currently the order of execution of policies in force since the beginning of 2011, however, the policies of the old sample is considered to be valid throughout the territory of Russia. To receive assistance in any medical institution of the country.

What is the policy

The law "On social insurance" stipulates that the policy is a personal document that you are the owner of personal data, as well as additional installation information:
- surname, name and patronymic;
- date and place of birth;
- place of registration.

In the event of a change of one of the personal data of the owner of the policy, or the establishment of inaccuracies and errors in the record, to be superseded. In practice, this means that to change the polices will have in the following cases:
- marriage or divorce, accompanied by a change of surname;
- change the date or place of birth of the policy holder.

Renewal policy

The policy can be obtained by place of residence: no need to go after him at the place of residence, to insure. However, if the insured person has moved and changed the check, the insurance needs to be renewed. The owner of the policy who have moved within the same subject of the Russian Federation, it is enough to notify your insurance company about change of place of registration. For this procedure the owner of the policy need to visit the office that issued him the policy.

The renewal of the document is based on the application of the owner of medical insurance, as well as documents confirming the changes, in particular a passport with a mark about registration and SNILS. Renewal or replacement policy must be held within 1 month from the date of the changes.

Those citizens who changed region of residence, will have to clarify whether their insurance company representation in this subject of Russia. If it is, then you need to notify your insurance company about change of address by writing an application. If the insurance company has no in this region of the branch or representation, you should choose a new insurance company and sign another contract with the subsequent issuance of a new policy of compulsory medical insurance.

Advice 2: What documents should be changed when changing the names

The name change is in some degree a new beginning. And looking at the impressive list of documents that need to be changed, new can be considered in the truest sense of the word.
What documents should be changed when changing the names
Most often to change the name the girls have after marriage. On the one hand this is a happy thing, because now two people become one, a real family with a common surname. To spoil the honeymoon might, perhaps, have a list of documents that needs to be replaced as quickly as possible, and it will have to go through a lot of different instances and some places to stand in long queues.

What to change in the first place

First, it is necessary to change the Russian passport. This must be done within 1 month, otherwise you face a fine. You need to contact the passport office, you should have the old passport, certificate of marriage or divorce, proof of payment of registration fee and 4 passport photos. On the spot you will be given an application form to be filled, and after a 1.5-4 weeks, you can come for a new passport.

Shift Bank cards are also obligatory. This can be done either by yourself at a Bank or through an employer. From documents you need to submit copies of marriage certificate and new passport, old card and completed application.

The change of policy of compulsory medical insurance has limits, but it's better not to delay. At a critical point problem with null and void insurance policy will be quite out of place. To change it independently through an insurance company or through an employer. The new policy will make in about 2 months.

Driving license also have limited time, but after the name change the old law is invalid. You need to contact MREO traffic police and you should have a new passport, marriage certificate, medical certificate, driver card, receipt of payment of registration fee and the old law. Right you will replace within 2 months.

Certificate of pension insurance to the new name you will make the personnel Department at work. If you change it yourself, please contact the pension Fund with the statement, the old certificate and new passport.

INN provides only the change of name, certificate number will remain the same. With the old testimony, a copy of the marriage certificate and the completed application form, the form of which will be given on the spot, you need to go to the tax office. The process will take a maximum of 10 days.

That can wait

If you have not planned in the near future travel, a passport can not be changed. Most importantly, do not forget that you have it with the old name when you want to fly to relax. Change this document at the visa Office in a few weeks.

In the workbook in a matter of minutes enter new name to replace the old. You need to provide a marriage certificate and new passport to the personnel Department.

The change of documents is troublesome and can take a lot of time. But once you do, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and proudly wear a new name.

Advice 3: You need to change the place of residence

In front of many people there is a need to change their place of residence. It can be connected as a change of residence, and leaving on a long trip, or with service in the armed forces. What to do, where to go to change residence?
You need to change the place of residence
Note that according to the law on the registration and withdrawal of Russian citizens with registration in the state registration, it is registration of citizens, there are two types — permanent, by place of residence and temporary place of stay.
Consider first a situation in which you need to change a permanent residence permit due to change of residence. Contact the passport office, housing office within seven days after moving to a new address. In the absence of these organizations at the place of arrival, go to the representative acting as legal control over use of premises.
Prepare a package of necessary documents — passport or other document confirming information about your identity; the paper on which you will move into an apartment or a house. Provide a piece of departure, if you own deregistered previous place of residence.
Complete the application for raising you to registration at the place of residence. Copies of above mentioned documents and the application take the relevant organization. Today it is possible to send all these documents electronically through a special website of the Unified portal.
Please note that according to the law at the passport office, your registration must be made within three days from the date of application. Upon receipt of documents check the seal on the change of residence. If you register, you showed another document, or you are under 14, you will be given a "Certificate of registration at place of residence"
Now consider a second situation. You need to obtain a temporary residence permit due to change of place of residence. For example, you are enrolled in a school of another city and will live in a student dormitory. Or, you come to receive continuing treatment in a sanatorium, boarding house, or for service in the army and will live in this place for a period of 90 days and up to 5 years.
Ask the if they have a responsible person who is in charge of registration at the place of residence for all new arrivals. Typically, these field staff are.
Now you have to give them the next paper — a passport or other document confirming information about your identity; the social contract of employment; a statement from officials of the housing; statement of registration by place of stay. The documents on the basis of which you will dwell, are the legal basis for temporary stay in a particular place.

Advice 4: Insurance: what insurance company to choose

During the formation of the compulsory medical insurance system people could get the policy in only a few companies. The main requirement was ─ and close quickly. Today, people actively use their civic rights and choose an insurance company that is reliable and comfortable.
Insurance: what insurance company to choose
List of insurance companies, their rating, number of specialists, branches and other figures is available on the website of the Federal Fund of Obligatory Medical Insurance(FFOMS). You can find this information on the website FFOMS or on the website of the regional FOMS.

When choosing an insurance company, consider the offices, mode and-hour free phone where you can contact in case of problems. A sufficient number of lawyers in service support and personnel guarantees the insured to resolve almost any issue remotely. Perfect if you directly at the reception can call your insurance and see are the actions of the medical staff. The availability of the site and the free phone support is a must.

Learn whether the concluded contract on the provision of medical services, SMO (health insurance organization) of health facilities that interest you. In big cities it often happens that not all the QS are in a contractual relationship with specific hospitals.

One family ─ one insurance

Useful if all members of the family insured by one company. This greatly simplifies the communication with the insurance. To really assess the quality of the insurance company only in the case of treatment. The operational work of the insurance is that if you are in the clinic offered to pay for a free service, then after a quarter of an hour the chief medical officer or head of the clinic notified and personally apologized for the misunderstanding.

The effectiveness of pre-trial activities

Very important to the performance of pre-trial activities insurance. This shows the ability of employees to solve the problems of patients on their own, without bringing the matter to trial. The effectiveness of informing, for example, changing legislation, changes of address, clinic implemented through sms or email can be important for individuals who often seek treatment.

Information on violations of the SMO, the scope of examination of quality of medical care is public and therefore any citizen can read it.

In most regions of the country are several SMO, but in some, usually remote or small population density has one SMO. Baikonur, Russia, cosmodrome, Pskov and others regions, where only one SMO.
Learn more about the insurance companies in the region on specialized forums. Here you can chat with the representatives of all the QS, ask questions and choose the company with which you will be comfortable.

If you have already served in some company and have a specific reason to change, it is best to stay in it. Usually, this decision is the most reasonable one and save you the hassle, leaving the quality of service at a decent level. Call the SMO, by asking the client and ask for assistance ─ once it becomes clear about the principles of operation of this SMO.
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