Insurance is the main document confirming that the owner is insured and has the right to receive free medical care guaranteed under the law and list of services. That is why the policy is required to have every citizen of the Russian Federation, regardless of their social and financial situation. Acting currently the order of execution of policies in force since the beginning of 2011, however, the policies of the old sample is considered to be valid throughout the territory of Russia. To receive assistance in any medical institution of the country.

What is the policy

The law "On social insurance" stipulates that the policy is a personal document that you are the owner of personal data, as well as additional installation information:
- surname, name and patronymic;
- date and place of birth;
- place of registration.

In the event of a change of one of the personal data of the owner of the policy, or the establishment of inaccuracies and errors in the record, to be superseded. In practice, this means that to change the polices will have in the following cases:
- marriage or divorce, accompanied by a change of surname;
- change the date or place of birth of the policy holder.

Renewal policy

The policy can be obtained by place of residence: no need to go after him at the place of residence, to insure. However, if the insured person has moved and changed the check, the insurance needs to be renewed. The owner of the policy who have moved within the same subject of the Russian Federation, it is enough to notify your insurance company about change of place of registration. For this procedure the owner of the policy need to visit the office that issued him the policy.

The renewal of the document is based on the application of the owner of medical insurance, as well as documents confirming the changes, in particular a passport with a mark about registration and SNILS. Renewal or replacement policy must be held within 1 month from the date of the changes.

Those citizens who changed region of residence, will have to clarify whether their insurance company representation in this subject of Russia. If it is, then you need to notify your insurance company about change of address by writing an application. If the insurance company has no in this region of the branch or representation, you should choose a new insurance company and sign another contract with the subsequent issuance of a new policy of compulsory medical insurance.