You will need
  • - passport
  • - CHI policy
  • - statement on the detachment in the old clinic
  • - application for attachment of the new clinic
In 2011 came a new law that allows each citizen to be observed in a medical facility, which he wants in any part of the country, regardless of residence. Thus this institution can be not only a state clinic, but also departmental establishments and even private centers, which are included in the General system of compulsory medical insurance.
If the clinic to which you are attached, you are not satisfied for any reason: poor equipment, unskilled doctors, long queues, etc., you can always change to a more convenient option. This applies both to change specific physician and the institution as a whole.
In order to be able to change my clinic to another, it is necessary to have insurance. To obtain need to contact the insurance company that you can choose. The insurance company itself may suggest you a list of medical institutions where you could be served.
After receipt of medical insurance, you write the application addressed to the chief physician in your clinic with a request to detach you from this institution. The statement must specify the reason, but overall it is just a formality and does not play any role.
After receiving the detach in the form of a sheet of paper with the signatures and seals of the chief physician, which States that you are no longer maintained in this clinic, you go to the institution in which you would like to be observed. There you will also write a letter to the chief physician with a request to attach you here. To deny you can only for one reason - if the clinic is overcrowded and the number of doctors no longer accepting people.
In case of failure you can choose a different establishment, and to contact the health Department or your insurance company. They check whether the clinic is overcrowded and is it possible to make an exception for you.