You will need
  • The passport of one of parents, birth certificate and medical insurance policy for your child.
Select the clinicyou wish to transfer your child. It can be any medical institution of the country, which is included in the MHI system. Typically, you choose a clinic at your place of actual residence.
Write a statement to the new clinic, with a request to take you there. And get there the written consent of the head of the clinic. It needs to be done, if the change clinic is not a forced necessity, but only your desire to be observed in the clinic, where health care is of higher quality level.
Contact the Registrar of your <<old>> clinics with a request to give you hands on medical records of your child. In this case, you must present your passport, medical insurance policy your child (or a copy) and specify where exactly you intend to transfer and for what reason. (If this is not a clinic in your new place of residence, please submit also written consent for taking your child to the account from the clinic where you're transferring).
After the Registrar will record in a special register the fact of your departure, he will give you into the hands of the medical card for your child. It will reflect that you withdrew from consideration in their hospital and float to another. After this you will need to carry a medical card in your <<new>> clinic and are also there to appeal to the Registrar, only this time with a request to register your new arrival.