Go to the Internet. The easiest way to find the right clinic is to visit the website of the Department of health in your city. If we are talking about Moscow, it will be Then you just have to choose the County and to provide the nearest subway station. The system will show you all the information available on this site medical institutions - both adults and children. If there are several variants, call them and inquire as to what exactly Agency is your address.
If the Internet at hand no, you can use a conventional phone. Call the hotline the Department of health. Working it professionals, usually in total working hours, i.e. from 9.00 to 18.00. In some cases, the time of completion of work may be extended up to 20.00. Saturday, Sunday - weekend. In a conversation with an expert you need to call your address and you will receive all the information you need - right down to the mode of operation of the clinic.
Will help in searchAh, you and address book. Look for the ' suitable for you by area clinics and just call them to find out what exactly you need to come.
You can just ask the neighbors. Especially those that have already aged. They and the way will tell, and hours of operation, and the name of your local therapist.
Sometimes the name of your underlying medical institution prescribed in the policy of obligatory medical insurance (OMS). Therefore, read the document, perhaps it will help you to solve the mystery.
Remember to contact the clinic by place of residence you can and in that case, if the actual permanent record you have in another area. Just need to write the application addressed to the chief physician, and a baseline for you will be the clinic that is assigned to the place of your actual residence and not permanent residence.