The pros and cons of treatment of psoriasis ointments solodovyi

Grease is used for the treatment of psoriasis for quite some time – widespread is in the middle of the twentieth century. Popularity solijonovich ointments due to a number of advantages:

  • this is a relatively safe product that does not have officially recognized contraindications (except individual intolerance);
  • saidlove ointments are non-addictive;
  • in most cases allows to achieve significant improvement in condition or complete remission;
  • the cost of ointments on the basis soliderboy considerably below "fast-acting" hormones.

At the same time, the treatment salidroside ointments there are a number of disadvantages:

  • the course of treatment is long enough (average 2-4 months), at the same time to take breaks, even for one day is not recommended;
  • saidlove ointments have a specific smell, poorly absorbed and "smeared", while to apply them on the skin is necessary for a long time;
  • grease cannot be treated during exacerbation of psoriasis, you must wait until remission or at least stabilization.

Ointment-based grease

For the treatment of psoriasis are used as a ready pharmacy ointments and mixtures are made independently. Based on their composition in either case is the grease emulsion in the factory or medical ointments or cleaned – in homemade. As a rule, saidlove ointments have a brown color and a rather pungent smell.

Солидоловые мази для лечения псориаза

Saidlove ointment released by different manufacturers, their range is quite wide. Among them, for example:

  • Kartalin,
  • Mikladal,
  • Magnistor,
  • Psori cream.

Among the "home-made" ointments on the grease one of the most popular is ointment prescription I. S. Chernyshev. In order to prepare it, equal proportions of mixed cream and grease. Then it is added to phytoextract of herbs (mandatory – a series with optional celandine, calendula, Sophora japonica, Eleutherococcus, aralia Manchu, rose hips, aloe Vera juice). Herbal extracts are mixed in equal proportions and added to a creamy saidlove the mixture until then, until it "takes".

Popular home-made ointment of a mixture of grease and baby oil with a small addition of honey.

How is the treatment soliderboy ointment

Solidaroba ointment applied to the body daily. Better to do it after taking a shower, when the plaque softened – then the tool operates more efficiently. Before beginning treatment it is better to try to apply ointment on the crook of the elbow or knee, to wait 30 minutes to ensure no irritation – if you are hypersensitive skin blush, possible itching and burning.

When a large area lesions begin treatment better gradually in the first 2-3 days apply the ointment only to the skin of the feet, then connect the hands, then the rest of the body. For thin and delicate skin of the face to apply saidlove ointment is not recommended.

Solidaroba ointment applied to the affected skin a thin, even layer, without rubbing, for a long period of time – from 3-4 up to 12 hours. As a rule, it is applied a few hours before laying in bed and not wash off until morning. To bandage the treated platelets can not. Therefore, usually in the treatment of soliderboy ointment allocate of a worn cotton clothes or pajamas – and after applying it carefully, trying not to smear the ointment, put it on yourself. Some part of the ointment remains on the clothes, turning it into a kind of solidly compress.

Shower daily in the treatment of grease is not required (it is enough to wash the body at least twice a week), but most patients take a shower in the morning to wash off the remnants of ointments and get rid of the peculiar smell of grease.

Already after 10-14 days of treatment, usually felt the result of: itching, burning and peeling weakens, large plaque "fall apart" into separate fragments, small – decrease or disappear. In their place are red spots that gradually fade. After a couple months of treatment most of the plaques disappear completely, although the most persistent "stock spots" can withstand soliderboy ointment to four months. After the skin is cleansed and the spots are pale, the result of a need to "fix" while still using the ointment for another two to three weeks. This will make remission longer.

Skin care and limitations in the treatment process

During treatment salidroside ointments should be possible to eliminate the additional load on the skin. Therefore, to wash it is not recommended to use soap or gels with harsh fragrances or dyes, preferring to tar or "Children's" soap and water, or use hypoallergenic drugstore cosmetics. The washcloth should be soft, so as not to injure the affected skin. Rubbing with a towel is also better to exclude – it is better just to wet skin and wait for drying.

If saidlove of ointment cause the dry skin to soften, you can use baby cream. In addition, in order for the treatment of psoriasis with grease is more effective, it is recommended that:

  • eliminate alcohol,
  • to minimize the use of eggs, fried, fatty and spicy foods,
  • to curb Smoking,
  • in the first month of treatment is to take antihistamines.