Remember that cause period delay at home, only if you are sure that the delay is not caused by the ensuing pregnancy. Think, if you had unprotected sex during the month. In the case of an affirmative answer take a pregnancy test after 7-10 days of delay, and further act depending on the results obtained.
If you are sure that the delay of menstruation not due to pregnancy, try to call monthly at home with the help of effective traditional methods. First take a hot bath: this will help relax the uterus and lead to early menstruation. Repeat the procedure daily or every other day. In addition, twice a day, morning and evening, perform a gentle massage of the lower abdomen, stroking his palm in a clockwise direction. It can also help with relaxation of the uterus.
Known folk remedy that help to cause a month delay in the home quickly, is fresh parsley. It is necessary in large quantity to add to various dishes at every meal, e.g. salad, soup or a hot dish. No less effective are freshly squeezed lemon juice and decoction of oregano and yarrow. In addition, try drinking more water, drinking at least 2 liters of fluid per day.
There are other natural herbal teas that you should drink to start my period. Among them, for example, herbal mint, Valerian root and chamomile. Each ingredient should be taken in three parts and pour boiling water, then leave for a few hours. This decoction gives tone to urinary system, it has a anti-inflammatory effect. Another option is to make a strong decoction of onion peel. Enough to make this drink for 1-2 days, to begin the long-awaited period.
Quite enjoyable and a valid way to quickly cause period – to make love to a man. You can do this even several times a day. The sex will lead to tone the entire female reproductive system, improve overall health and hormonal balance. It is worth noting that if you use birth control pills, they must be immediately abandoned, at least temporarily, as perhaps they were the reason for the delay.
In an extreme case, you can try to quickly call a month in case of delay in the home with the help of special pills. These are the main or Pulsatilla. However, before doing this, be sure to consult with your doctor. Perhaps the reason for the delay menstruation is a hormonal imbalance in the body, or any diseases that require longer and more thorough treatment.