You will need
  • - passport;
  • - insurance;
  • - application to the chief physician of policlinic;
  • - direction for examination at another hospital.
Please contact the admission office of policlinic with the passport and the medical policy. Ask them to do you need a duplicate of the pages or the entire medical record. In most institutions this service is provided free of charge and without any problems.
Write a letter to the chief physician of the medical institution. Shall describe in detail the reasons why you need to have a medical card. According to the letter of the Ministry of Health and Social development of the Russian Federation "On the procedure for storage of outpatient card" of 4 April 2005, this document you can issue only if it gives permission, the chief doctor of the medical institution.
If you take the medical card because you move to another town and unattached from the clinic, we also write the application addressed to the chief physician, the form of which can be obtained at the registration office or the office of the hospital. Specify the reason for your "check out" a change of residence.
If you want to get a medical card of the deceased, it is unlikely that you will give it, referring again to the above letter dated 4.04.2005, by saying that "the Medical card of deceased people are removed from the active files for transfer to the archive of the medical institution where stored 25 years." But if you have a good reason for the requirement of issuing the cards to solve this issue using the physician.
If you go to the hospital for treatment or examination, medical card, according to the law, passed by the employees of medical institutions in the above-mentioned medical institution and then, after discharge, back away from the patient.
If you need a medical card for examination, the designated physician of the clinic at another hospital, it will give you in hand without any problems, is only to show the appointment, certified by a doctor.