You need to drink more fluids. It is a standard, but very effective rule. Moreover, in a sleepless night it is better to drink cold water, because this water stimulates blood circulation. And just a few hours to take a contrast shower to saturate the body with moisture and impart vigor.

After a hard night you can take along a MP3 player and play your music. Many Wake up helps hard rock or metal, and someone will come to help classic. Then you need to choose your genre and keep in tone with your favorite songs.

If one is a fan of coffee and energy drinks, you should remember that absolutely can not drink coffee together with energy. It is better to choose one or the other and deceive the body in a more secure way. In addition, coffee will help you better recover with less risk for health, because it is a natural product, and energy added a lot of substances that tired body can not act the way you want initially.

Don't get too profusely to the face of cosmetics. This is especially true of girls. After daily waking life, of course there will be black eyes, but can be masked, causing the shadow of dark tone. So it is possible to draw attention to the eyes, not the circles under them.

The Breakfast is to say a definite "Yes" even after a sleepless night. The body has exhausted its reserves, and in the night waking such exchange processes are the same as in the morning, therefore, he needed energy. You can include in your Breakfast a sweet dessert that will improve your mood and will provide the brain, at least in the first half of the day.

Self-organization in such long days should be given special attention. Better to record all the important moments, like at work and in your personal life, then to avoid unnecessary quarrels. Also on this day is to keep the mood under control, because lack of sleep likely mood swings.

As you can see, a sleepless night is possible and there are ways to fool the body, however, it is better to edit your daily routine in such a way to not have to use to solve the problems of the night time is for sleep.