Advice 1: How to enroll in the clinic

Probably each of us knows how difficult it is sometimes to get on reception to the doctor. Why sometimes to do that, at first glance, the ordinary matter how to enroll in a clinic, causing such difficulties? It's very simple: there are not enough doctors, and people are sick here and have to stand in considerable queue to get an appointment with a doctor, losing time and nerves.

To simplify the lives of patients in virtually all major cities are actively introducing new service – electronic registry. In theory, it should greatly simplify the entry of patient to the doctor. In most cases this is what happens. Especially convenient new service to the younger and middle generations who are familiar with the Internet and are active users. For them is not difficult to make an appointment at a convenient time, without losing precious time in long queues. Moreover, the process takes just a few minutes, and the ability to use a computer with Internet access is almost every – if not at home then at work.

But what do the older generation? How to enroll in the clinic? The main percentage of visitors clinics are elderly people. And for them is not only easier, comfortable and familiar make an appointment to see the doctor in a normal registry. For elderly patients is sometimes the only possible method. Indeed, the vast majority of seniors are not something that are not able to use a computer, but don't even have it. And it is unacceptable that elderly people in hospitals required to use this innovation. Normal registries are required to operate and maintain the appointment to the experts along with the electronic registry.

Of course, this does not mean that the idea of this approach is poor and not in demand. Just before you adopt this system, it is necessary to maximize, to consider all the pros and cons, to give people the opportunity to learn how to use it, and, of course, to leave the choice to use the electronic services or to make an appointment to see the doctor in a normal registry.

Advice 2: How to get a doctor's appointment via the Internet

Information technologies penetrate into all spheres of life, and may soon be a thing of the past a long queue in the clinic registry for a pass to the doctor, because in many cities successfully applied the system of record on a physician or specialist via the Internet.
How to get a doctor's appointment via the Internet
You will need
  • - insurance;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate (for children);
  • - SNILS.
Open the website of public and municipal services or the Ministry of health in your area. In the line "public Services" choose the menu item "Record on reception to the doctor." System will redirect you to the website where you made the entry in the medical institutions supporting the program "Electronic registry".
Enter your locality (city, area), select the type of medical organization that you want to address: city polyclinic, children's polyclinic, female consultation, health centre, Central hospital, etc. and Then mark the relevant institution or its branch.
The next step you define the required specialist or General practitioner (GP) and study the schedule. Due to the number of available entries, select a convenient time for you visit to the doctor.
Log in to your appointment: enter your date of birth, policy number of compulsory health insurance and a number of one of the following documents: passport, birth certificate or social security number. Because the information about patients in medical institutions is stored in automated form, the program will determine the missing information about you, including your surname, name and patronymic, requisites of the specified documents.
Don't forget to leave your contact phone number to the Call center operators or the registry staff might contact you in the event of a change of reception time, it is cancelled and clarification of the necessary information.
Pay attention to comments and notification system: for example, the reception of narrow specialists (endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, etc.) may be made in the direction of the local therapist, that is, you will also need to visit the last, pre-recorded to him at an earlier time.
The system of electronic records involves the willingness of a physician to receive the patient, but some clinics require you to come 10-15 minutes before the set time and get in the registry patient card.
Now Muscovites can make an appointment to the doctor via the Internet to the clinic. Enrolling to the doctor through a global network, the patient receives the letter indicating the name of the clinic, office number, name of the doctor and time of appointment. You can sign up to specialists of the clinic to which you are assigned. To make an appointment to see a doctor in Moscow through the Internet only to residents of the capital who have a residence permit in Moscow.
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