For employees this procedure performs the human resources Department. You only need to turn your old policy officer working with the staff. All other necessary documents in the HR Department is, they will form a case and transferred to the insurance company. There is an old policy exchanged for a new one or just renew the insurance contract.
If you are not working: retired, student, or want to change your policy to your child, then you need to contact the district administration. Experts will ask you to present a passport, certificate of residency, proof of your status (pension certificate or student card), birth certificate for the child, the old medical policy. Administration worker collects a certain number of policys and then went to the insurance company and obtains a new insurance contract, or renews the old and brings you the finished document.
If you urgently need a new policy, then the best option to go to the insurance company and submit the documents directly to the employee, who read it and prepare a new policy. Everything here will happen much faster, but you will spend more time and money on the road.
Before going to the administration or to the insurance company, be sure to contact these organizations and in a telephone conversation, check the time of the work schedule of the relevant specialist and the package of documents required for this procedure. They may have a preliminary appointment, then set a convenient time and sign up for your preferred day. Many organizations produce a record not only phone but also accept applications via the Internet.
To replace policyand you need to collect the following documents: old insurance policy, passport, birth certificate (for child), pension certificate (for persons of pensionable age), student ID (for students), pension plastic card (which the new rules are needed for children from the moment of birth), certificate of registration of residence (for each family member), work book (for those who are currently not working).