The existence of a miraculous fat, which will benefit not only health, but also help to break up excess deposits in the body, many do not even know.

What is the difference

The most useful are unsaturated fats. At room temperature they are liquid. Their main sources are vegetable oils and fish, nuts, flax seeds, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, avocado. Unsaturated fats are processed quickly to help stabilize blood sugar levels, reducing hunger and accelerate metabolism. Agree, such a powerful effect on the body helpful for those who are overweight.

Saturated fats are solid at room temperature. They are found in fatty meat, lard, dairy products, cheese, butter, margarine, egg yolk. Saturated fats are less healthy than unsaturated, but to completely abandon them is also impossible. They contain important vitamins and minerals. Just try to limit their consumption.

Agree with the body

Our body easily gets used to the harmful food. Abandoning saturated fats, be ready to revolt. You pull on the easily digestible carbohydrates (cakes, buns, sweets, jam, sugar & sweeteners, etc.). The benefit they bring is questionable, but the calories will provide from the soul.

Matter how skeptical we may treat fats, they well satisfy hunger. Try to eat a small handful of nuts, and your hungry "worm" immediately calm down. As a result of scientific studies have found that women on diets low in fat, lost no more than those given a normal diet.

Not sagitarius!

When purchasing products be sure to read labels. If they are present, the phrase "hydrogenated fat" and promptly put the package back on the shelf. This product will not bring any benefit. Such fats are obtained by processing vegetable fats, in which they become close to saturated. They are often used to impart a buttery taste, add in dough for friability, food creams, some chocolate, etc.

Fat change pounds lose

At least a couple times a week instead of meat eat fish.

Add to salads, cereals, potatoes, unrefined vegetable oil.

Exclude from the diet fried, smoked, semi-finished products and foods.