Take no action if your child is just born. Newborns are automatically attached to the clinic by place of residence. At discharge from the hospital the doctors ask what address the child will live. They will give information to the clinic that serves your home, and the next day after discharge you will be visited by the local doctor and nurse.
Take medical and the vaccination card of a child from old clinic, if you change the place of residence. Notify the pediatrician about the move, inform the receptionist of your new address and sign the register stating that the medical records of the child are received. Take them to the new clinic and give the doctor. Medical records will assign a number, it will mean that you are now responsible for the health of your child lies on the facility.
Select the clinic where you want to observe the child, if the clinic at the place of residence does not suit you. Take in the old registry of medical institutions of outpatient and vaccination card of the child. Put your signature in a special journal, which is located in the registry, stating that the medical records of the child you have on hand. Contact the registry selected clinic and tell them that you want to attach the child for further observation. You will be asked to write a letter to the chief physician, and then number the card and will appoint the attending physician.