Women's clinics are not only women with gynecological problems and pregnant women, which are sometimes extremely sensitive to the slightest rudeness and injustice. It is not necessary to go to the doctor with whom you are not found understanding. Gather reviews of other experts of female consultations and decide which of them you want to be observed.
Find out the hours of the reception the doctor and speak to him with a request to observe you. Often doctor are going to meet this demand, the reason for refusal can only be objective reasons. If the site selected specialist is overloaded, most likely, you will have to find yourself another gynecologist.
Refer to the chief doctor of the clinic, hours of which can be found at the reception or at the information booth. Write a statement where you specify the reason why the current doctor is not comfortable with you. Then indicate your wish to be observed at another specialist and do not forget to mention his name. In a personal conversation with the chief doctor mention that you have already have an agreement with the selected gynecologist, and he doesn't mind observing you.
If the doctor does not want to meet, ask him for a written denial, indicating the reasons. Indicate your desire to go to the higher organization. Typically, this persistence is very effective, and often the physician gives in and signs the permission for observation by a specialist of another site. In the case of the coarseness of the head of the women's consultations or failure to realize your legal rights, you can contact the Health Department and even in court. Don't forget to call the insurance company, which is medpolicy you have on hand, and complain about violation of your right to choose your attending physician.