You will need
  • - passport;
  • - insurance;
  • - medical card (if available).
If you relocation was attached to the clinic at the former place of residence before leaving you better let go of it and pick up from the registry the card. In principle, the card you can start and on a new place. But if you have health problems, it would be better to help the doctor see your case history, as reflected in the card.
Find the address of the clinic that supports your new address. It can be found in the Internet, address books, website of the regional authority of health care management, the last will tell him by phone.Call the clinic and confirm its opening hours.
In the workplace come to the reception with a passport, obligatory medical insurance policy and subject card. If not attached at the place of residence, but have registration at the place of stay, take it, although this is optional.The receptionist will have a card or, if not, start clean.The regions may be referred to a physician to write a statement about attaching it to the clinic, and will complete all the formalities after the visa.Then you can schedule an appointment with right doctor, or come without writing, depending on the order in the clinic.
If you have a policy issued in another region and there is no local registration, the situation is not excluded that at the first appeal you will be denied. Right the doctors, however, are not, as a compulsory medical insurance policy valid on the territory of the whole country.In this case, the quickest way to solve the problem, please contact the Territorial Fund of obligatory medical insurance. You can also send a complaint to wrongful actions of a doctor in the health authorities of the regional and Federal level.