You will need
  • Phone
  • The sales Department of your cellular operator
  • Passport
In order to change the number of phone operators offered various services. For example, the operator Tele2 offers to leave your old SIM card. Just need to call the reference and information service TELE2 to 611 from the phone number you want to modify. Give your passport details to the operator and your number will change in a few minutes.
The other way is replacing the numbers on a personal visit to the customer service Department. For this you need to go to the customer care Department on work with physical persons the passport (assuming of course that the room is decorated for you). To write an application for changing rooms and wait for a connection. Usually operators replace the numbers with the 1st day of the following month.
If you want to change the landline phone, the Telecom company can do it two ways. Your room change if a room change analog PBX the number of the digital PBX or in the case of an application for a replacement number to the number at the subscriber's option. In both cases you need to write the application in person with the presentation of a passport, to pay for the service and your landline phone number will be changed.