If you have insurance then go from one clinic to another is not difficult. Just take in the registry of companies which services you have decided to abandon his medical records. Most likely, the new clinic you will get another. But the old map will come in handy for the production and refinement of diagnoses.
If medical insurance you have, or have you resigned from your previous place of work and handed the document to the personnel Department, you will have to get the coveted card again.
May 1, 2011 were issued new insurance policies. They represent a plastic card with a microchip. It encrypted all the necessary information about the owner of the policy.
To get a new policy, you need to contact the issuing point, which is likely to have in your clinic.
If suddenly the issuing of policies in a medical facility, contact the Registrar's office. There will tell you the nearest address.
To obtain the policy you need to have:

- passport (to establish residence);

- registration certificate (in the absence of a permanent residence permit);

- residence permit (for foreigners);

- birth certificate and a letter from housing management on the registration of the child (when making policy for the child).
If all documents are in order, the policy will give you immediately.
With insurance you can not only be attached to another clinic, but also to choose their own doctor and insurance company.
To get you started to service in other medical institution, contact the Registrar's office. Present your passport and medical insurance policy, you will get a new card.
If you are currently sick and you are prescribed treatment, be sure to inform medical staff. This is necessary in order to prescribe medication that is compatible with previous therapy.
Every time you want to make an appointment or contact the reception on other issues, you must have a passport and insurance. Without these documents, the staff of the clinic have the right not to serve.