Do not think that the free space in the University – only selected "lucky". The national average for budget places in universities is more than half of high school graduates with an average grade of enrolled is around 65.

In the most high-status universities in Russia (e.g., MGIMO, MIPT, HSE, Moscow state University and St. Petersburg state University) enroll mostly students with results above 90. The highest passing grade in the country – at MGIMO, the average score of successful applicants is around 95. This is an exceptional educational institution for students with exceptionally high result of the exam.

Баллы ЕГЭ для поступления на бюджет

Graduates, the average score of the exam which all subjects taken "in the competition" the selection Committee is more than 80, may qualify for admission to almost every University except the "top ten" – they are open almost all doors.

The graduates who scored 60 to 80 points, you can safely count on admission to state universities not included in the list of "top", but providing a quality education.

The scores required for admission depend not only on the status of the University, but also from its location (the larger the city, the higher the competition, the highest demands in Moscow and St. Petersburg and the lowest in the universities of Chechnya), as well as from selected specialty. Therefore areas of training that are not included in the list of the most popular, you can do that, even if the GPA is "not up" to 60.

What the mean scores of the exam enroll for budget for different specialties

In the framework of the project "Social Navigator", RIA "Novosti" together, HSE and the Ministry of education analyzed the admissions to state universities and "derived" averages of students enrolled on budgetary training in various areas of training. This allows to understand the level of demand for a particular specialty among the applicants – and more soberly assess their strength in the choice of University and faculty.

From 75 points. The "top" specialties: international Affairs, lawyers, economists, linguists

The most "demanding" to the level of students specialties in Russia are:

  • international relations,
  • foreign languages,
  • linguistics,
  • African studies and Oriental studies.

The average unified state exam score of students enrolled on budgetary places in these areas – 80-82 points.

Средние баллы для зачисления в вуз

From 75 to 80 points it was necessary to take for admission to other very popular areas of training:

  • law,
  • Philology,
  • Economics,
  • political science,
  • theory of art,
  • literary works,
  • journalism
  • advertising and public relations.

70-75 points: philosophy, medicine, civil service, nuclear physics

Scores in the range of 70-75 is the result of "above average", especially if we are talking about the exact or natural Sciences (in which parameters are generally lower than in the Humanities). And it gives a fairly wide selection for admission to universities of very different specialization. Indicators from 70 to 75 points are averages for deposited on such areas of study as:

  • nuclear physics,
  • health,
  • state and municipal management,
  • business computer science and information security,
  • publishing,
  • design
  • history
  • philosophy and cultural studies.

сколько баллов надо набрать в мединститут

65-70 points: pedagogy, management, tourism

Two of possibly the most massive areas of training, the average score, which ranges from 65 to 70 is pedagogy (various specialization), as well as management and personnel management. But the list is not exhaustive. The graduates who scored more than 60 points, can also qualify for the budget places in the following areas:

  • chemistry,
  • biotechnology,
  • psychology,
  • religious studies,
  • sociology,
  • library and information work,
  • archives,
  • the service sector (tourism, services, hospitality).

Баллы ЕГЭ для поступления в вуз

60-65 points: machinery, construction, science, Geology

In this range of scores have a choice in the Humanities is very small: this average score is observed only enrolled for training in the areas of "Social work" and "Protection of monuments". But graduates of physics, mathematics and natural science classes have a large field for selection. The average unified state exam score of 60 to 65 students have enrolled in the budget in the following areas:

  • physics,
  • mathematics,
  • biology,
  • ecology,
  • geography,
  • Geology and geodesy,
  • construction
  • aviation and space technology,
  • automation and control,
  • computer science and engineering,
  • oil and gas business,
  • energy,
  • instrumentation,
  • electronic equipment
  • radio.

Баллы для поступления на бюджетное обучение

Less than 60 points: transportation, technology, agriculture

Specialty, the average score of state employees " which is from 55 to 60 points, allow you to obtain "hands-on" specialty close to the production. Oddly enough, the graduates of such, it would seem, not the most prestigious faculties are often more important in a professional sense than the "status" philologists or critics. Such a GPA have enrolled in the following areas:

  • rail transport,
  • management of water transport
  • technology of light industry,
  • food technology,
  • technological machines and equipment
  • engineering,
  • materials science,
  • printing and packaging,
  • soil science,
  • agriculture and fisheries.

Куда поступить с низкими баллами ЕГЭ

From 52 to 55 – the average score for enrolled in the "undemanding" in terms of a passing score areas of training:

  • marine engineering,
  • forestry business,
  • metallurgy.

How to know the scores required for admission in selected University

In order to sensibly assess their chances of admission to a particular degree at a particular institution, it is recommended to focus on the points of those who were enrolled in previous years. As a rule, this indicator is from year to year varies slightly (within the fluctuations the mean results of the unified state exam).

By law, all data on enrollment of previous years should be published on the University's website, under "Admissions". Often educational institutions publish data on the minimum scores are enrolled in different years on a separate page. But, even if such information could not be found – understand "picture of the world" by reading from orders on admission (specified or total score of successful applicants in all subjects, or details points for each exam, and extra points for special achievements).

как узнать баллы для поступления в вуз

Please note that the acceptance is carried out in two streams, respectively, and of the orders of enrollment must be at least two. In the first, in July, the threshold points are usually much higher. In the second wave, in August, the budget credit coming from much more modest.