If the frequency of report weekly or monthly, be sure to schedule his writing and note in your work schedule. Those who don't like to write statements that simply do not plan their writing, so they are always short of time. Best to write my report continuously to note execute orders and deeds and put them in a special diary. If given 5 minutes daily, then the weekly report will not have to be more than 10 minutes.
Report for work for a month or a week to write clearly and concisely. Reference specific cases and specific numbers that characterize your productivity. If she were greatly reduced in comparison with the previous period, indicate in its report the objective reasons of recourse and ask the authorities to comment on this to draw attention to the problem, the solution of which depends not only on you. It will be a kind of "strips" that you put in time.
Do not write records longer than a page. If you have little time for his writing, the manual is also no time to read a lengthy paper a person who is unable to concentrate his thoughts and to briefly present the result of their work. You just risk being underestimated, because the head is not strong enough to finish of all your labor feats, which you barely managed to make during the work week, or month.
Structure of information presentation should be uniform throughout the document. Consider, can be to make such reporting easier in tabular form.