First in the internship process at the company collect the maximum documents you are working with. For example, you practice in the Department payroll. Here you can take for your report of the various statements, information on personal income tax, etc. If you are practicing in the Department of procurement of the material, take the waybills, invoices, acts and other documents.
Before internship, where possible, agree on the plan of the thesis. This will help you to most accurately represent the specifics of the work. And you will know what to focus on practical training and how to write the report.
Start the report with an introduction. Here, specify the goals you want to achieve as a result of the internship. Set yourself tasks.
In the report, specify the place of practice, give an economic description of the enterprise activities, for example, show the security of the organization's fixed assets, assess the financial condition of the company, determine the legal status, describe the history of development of the enterprise, etc.
Open methodological and theoretical aspects of accounting in the enterprise, for example, describe the relationship of accounting and taxation, draw a diagram of the internal communication departments of accounting, conduct examination of accounting policy.
Go to the registration body of the report. Here reveal information on internal control; demonstrate how accounting is performed; describe the procedure for the formation of tax returns, etc., Indicate the numbers, amount and various parameters such as annual turnover.
The concluding part should contain conclusions and proposals. You put here all the information that you acquire during the internship process. Rate the financial condition of the company.
Complete your application to the report. This may be accounting policy, the annual accounting balance sheet, copies of primary documents, etc.