You will need
  • teaching diary;
  • - workbook;
  • - characteristics of the student;
  • - characterization of the class;
  • - feature for 1 student.
Complete your cover sheet. In addition your data must include the name of the supervisor and the teacher from whom you took it.
Write a brief analysis of the practiceduring which you try to answer a number of key issues. What do you learned into practice. Was it difficult to make contact with students. Were there times during the practice that caused the difficulty. How did you recover from the situation. Was rendered some assistance to the teacher: if Yes, what. Express their wishes on the possible organization of practices.
Apply pedagogical diary. It had to be carried on throughout the practice, noting it the results of observations of the experimental class, analyse the educational activity of students. However, one of the main points is the collection of data necessary for writing the practical part of the qualification work.
Make the characteristics of the entire class and one of your chosen student.
Apply a "workbook". This document represents a kind of diary in which you had to outline all the lessons, conducted on practice. It is on the basis of these data and written the main text of the reportand in practice.
Attach your transcript, which should make you a teacher in whose class you did your training. This document must be stamped by the school Director.
Hand in your report on teaching practice no later than 10 days from the day of its finishing.