You will need
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • paper;
  • - signature of responsible practice.
Fill in correctly the cover sheet. Write at the top the phrase of the title, in bold letters, "the Federal Agency for education". Next, specify the University and the Department on the basis of which you interned. In the middle write in big letters the word "report" and your surname and initials, place of internship and supervisor. For the latter, specify its name and title.
Write on the second page of an individual assignment that you were given to practice. It begins the same phrase. Then indicate again your name, group and homework. It can start with the following sentence: "to Teach students of group JUR-201 English language at the secondary level on given topics". Specify the date of issuance of the job: "2nd Sep 2008", as well as location of the practice, its beginning and end. Write the initials and title of the responsible teacher.
Make the introductory part. Here is an example that can be modeled to describe the practice: "I, Ivanov Sergey Petrovich, a student group, TME-401, passed educational practice in the first foreign language at Samara State University at the Department "English and French Philology", with the second-year students of group Jur-201". And specify the dates of the internship.
Give the characteristic of the base of the organization. Write in how many stages passed educational practice when they were (the exact date). Specify the initial level of the students. Mention about the material of the base: all the necessary tools you were given or not.
Shall describe the goals and objectives of the practice. Use the following example to describe the main goal: "to master the necessary skills of teaching the first foreign language at the secondary level". And from this point proceed and practical tasks that lead to goal accomplishment. They can be: "to teach vocabulary, grammar", "learn to behave in a disciplined manner", "to learn to communicate in a group", etc.
Place the contents of the work performed. In this important paragraph, specify the topics that you were able to sanctify for the time of educational practice. Also indicate all the types of tasks performed in the classroom. Make the conclusion. It shall describe what you have achieved, what is not, what challenges did you face and what gaps would you advise students to pay attention in the future.