You will need
  • tutorial;
  • periodical literature;
  • manuals;
  • computer;
  • printer.
The conclusion is closely connected with the introduction. If the introduction States the purpose and tasks of the course work, the report indicated, were you able to achieve this goal with the intended methods of research.
If at the end of each Chapter or section you do a brief conclusion, draw a conclusion will not be difficult. Just gather the insights together and add the prospects for the development of the research problem, the practical use of it. The conclusion must be constructed in accordance with the logic of the course work.
The conclusion combines the results obtained during theoretical and practical study of the set theme. It is necessary to articulate the novelty you can present in the course of the study. At the same time, the conclusions must be justified theoretically or practically. If in your work there is a section on recommendations, respectively, and in the conclusion they must be present.
Thus, in the conclusion of the course work to take place, the results that you have failed for yourself. If the work is not based on accurate research (e.g., physics and mathematics disciplines) and on the study of literary works or historical events, it should be noted in the conclusion of his own point of view. It is important to disclose your vision problems, moral and ethical aspects.
The volume of the conclusion of the coursework should not exceed 2-3 pages. Conclusions should be short and concise, without unnecessary details.