A diary of practice is a very important student document. You can find information about how effective was his work at the enterprise during the internship. This means that the diary is in practice very clearly reflects how much the student is ready for professional work. The perception of the diaryand it affects and how it is filled. Some schools give the student a ready-made book that you just need to fill in. In other Universities students have to do to create your diary, make it out of the ordinary copybooks.
It is important that the design of the diaryand in practice. On the cover of this kind of books you need to fill in the following information: the name of the school, faculty, specialty, course and group number of the student. In addition must contain the surname, name, patronymic of the student. Inside books have to be reflected in the duration of practice, the calendar days of the execution of a particular work.
How to fill <strong>diary</strong> <b>practice</b>
All the tasks that was issued to the student must be recorded in the diary ofE. they are Described on the workpiece. In one column is the name of the task in the other - the content of the work in the third - the analysis of the completed task and secured this material is the opinion of the faculty supervisor about the student's work.
How to fill <strong>diary</strong> <b>practice</b>
All information is usually prepared in this style: is written the date when it was given the task, explains what questions arise from the student during the execution of the task and the end - result of the execution. It is not necessary to treat the diary, as a trinket. Since this is an official document, then it must be certified by signature of the responsible person of the enterprise, which was passed practice, there must be a seal of the organization. After finishing the practice, the student should take the diary to your teacher. And that, in turn, will make a report-analysis on the basis of the received materials.
How to fill <strong>diary</strong> <b>practice</b>