A record book is issued to each newly arrived into the walls of the University. Responsible for filling, as a rule, rests with the student, monitoring the student's book performs the Dean's office. The record book is issued under signature, each student received by the owner is recorded in the log, where it is assigned a number.
The record book shows the results of all the semester's theoretical and practical tests, the results of coursework, workshops, national certification exams and thesis.
A record book is kept by the student or the Dean, depending on the order established in the University. In the second case, she handed out a month before the start of examinations, and at the end again surrenders to the Dean's office.
The record book should be filled out neatly with a ballpoint pen of black or blue. In the gradebook, you must not underline, strikethrough, blots and erasures. If you still have to make changes, they must be certified by the Dean.
The first sheet of the record book is issued by the statistician or by the clerk of the faculty. On the left side is a photograph of the student, put his signature and seal of the institution. On the right side of the sheet is populated with the number of the grade book, surname, name, patronymic of the student, name of faculty, name and number profession, income year, form of study and the date of issue of the Carnet.
On each sheet of the subsequent pages in the upper left corner is stamped with the year of study and the name and initials of the student. In the section "Theoretical course" teachers make the exams, see the "Practical course" - term papers and tests. Data graphs sections including data on number of hours, name of discipline, the result of the examination or test shall be filled by the teacher who took it.
Data on passing educational, production and predegree practices are reflected in the "Production practice". It shall contain data about the place of its passage, the capacity in which the student interned, the name of the head, period of the training, the result.
The results of passing the state certification exam and protection of final qualifying work are also reflected in the relevant sections. They are filled with the Secretary of the Commission and signed by all its members.