First of all, we have to mention that in our days the public service, and investigators are public servants, becoming more prestigious and popular, so her employees must meet special demands. Today is almost impossible in 90-e years to become an investigator without proper education. Regardless of the claims people for the post of the investigator of the Prosecutor's office or authorities of the interior Ministry, the diploma of the law faculty.
To work in a General or city Prosecutor's office will probably need a diploma in daytime one of the major state universities: the Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, MGIMO, MGYuA, RUDN, RGGU, goo. The main "drawback" of these schools is a big competition for a place and a high passing score. Applicants from the province that it is often extremely difficult to arrive at the budget office of these universities. In this case, there is a kind of "bypass" way for people really passionate about the profession of the investigator.
Firstly, it is possible to get a law degree in any accredited University and then seek employment in one of the regional prosecution offices or district offices of the investigative bodies of the interior Ministry. Proved itself as a good, conscientious worker can over time move up the career ladder and move to a position in a larger structure.
Young people for whom full-time education not available for any reason, you can do the following. Try to enter service in the investigative bodies of the interior Ministry with the rank of assistant investigator. Unfortunately, this option is not suitable for girls because this job take only men over the age of 18, preferably served in the armed forces. After working as an assistant investigator and making the right choice of profession, can continue their education without interrupting service. For example, at the University of the interior Ministry. With good results and success in College go to the office of the investigator may have a 3-4 year of training.
To be an investigator of military Prosecutor's office requires compliance with other conditions. In addition to a law degree of one of the military universities also we will need full compliance with the rather strict medical requirements. Investigators of military Prosecutor's office considered as persons liable for military service, therefore, perfect physical form and perfect health for their prerequisite. At receipt in the Moscow Military University except for the entrance exams are the same tests on General physical training.