The Prosecutor may participate in the trial as state Prosecutor, is working with investigators, or independently conducts investigations, issues approval to conduct searches and seizures. The competence of the Prosecutor is also a detailed analysis of the evidence of the defendant's guilt and sentence of punishment for him.

What you need to do in order to become a Prosecutor? First and foremost, it is necessary to obtain a law degree from a school that is state accredited. But education is not enough – for the post of Prosecutor usually assigned to only those persons who have some work experience on a position of the investigator, and can provide a certificate of satisfactory state of health.

Which UNIVERSITY should you choose in order to begin your journey to a Prosecutor's office? These professionals are prepared in such prestigious Russian universities like Moscow state University, Moscow state law Academy Moscow state law Academy), MGIMO, RUDN (Russian peoples friendship University), RPA (Russian legal Academy). Unfortunately, become a student of these Universities is difficult – competition is great and usually reaches 20 people in the place. If you have not passed the competition at one of these universities, you can try to do in IE (Institute prosecution) – a competition in the school is usually much less (2-3 people in one place). To become a student of Institute of prosecution, it is necessary not only to pass exams and be interviewed in the personnel Department of the Prosecutor's office of Moscow and the Moscow region, but also to show good results on psychological testing.

Once you get a relevant education, you will open the road to the Prosecutor. To start a career will have as an assistant Prosecutor or investigator of Prosecutor's office, and the only time you can expect to receive the post of Deputy Prosecutor. However, if you decide to become an attorney, keep in mind that much will depend on your personal and professional qualities. For quick promotion must be professional, savvy in all areas of legal knowledge, possess good memory and analytical thinking, to demonstrate integrity and emotional stability.