Currently to get a job investigator can be in 4 departments: in the Investigative Committee of Russia, Federal security service, internal Affairs bodies and the Federal service for control over drug trafficking. Since the investigator has broad authority to prosecute criminal cases, then it has high standards and is given a special status.
For example, regardless of affiliation, the work in consequence is impossible without higher legal education. The investigator in any capacity unlike other employees are always assigned the rank of officer. For example, work in the interior Ministry or the Investigative Committee, the investigator gives the title of officer of justice, ranging from second Lieutenant and to the General's epaulettes.
For the post of investigator jobs in the Ministry of interior expects full capacity, age not more than 35 and not less than 18 years of age, has higher legal education received in educational institution having the state accreditation and license Russian citizenship and no criminal record.
If you meet these requirements and wish to get a job as an investigator in the interior Ministry, please visit the authority of the interior and submit an application for examination of the documents, write an autobiography and fill in the questionnaire on forms that will be given the human resources unit. Together with the above documents, please submit the passport, the diploma about the higher legal education, work record and military ID.
Then go the military medical Commission and physiological diagnosis, which will determine eligibility to work in the investigation.
If we get a positive conclusion military-the medical Commission of the center of psychophysiological diagnostics, then hand over specifications on physical preparation.
When all tests are passed and the validation activities completed, sign the service contract and take the oath of the employee of internal Affairs. From that moment, your job investigation, which will require daily application of all available forces and knowledge and continuous professional development in order to honorably serve the Law.