You serve in the army by conscription. In the border troops mostly recruits citizens wishing to serve under contract. Contractors are paid a cash salary, in addition, they have a right to free housing.
Contact a military Commissariat in the city where you live or the part that would like to serve. In the border service of the persons not older than 40 years appropriate professional medical and psychological requirements. Border guards can be both men and women.
Pass a medical examination, get in the military in the affirmative and go for service in specified military unit.
One way of getting into border guards is trained in the border guard Institute of the FSB of Russia. In order to begin to study, you must:
1. To undergo a medical examination and professional psychological selection. You must have good health and a different moral resistance. The students of the institution can not be convicted citizens and persons with drug problems. Also you will be forced to undergo a series of tests to determine your moral character, because the service in the border troops connected with the state secret and classified documents.
2. Pass traditional exams in literature, Russian language, social science and history.
3. To be tested on your level of fitness.
If you successfully pass all the tests, you will become a student of the Institute of border troops, and then the officer-the frontier guard. Duration of training is 5 years.
Border authorities FSB also taking into its ranks of graduates of ordinary Universities with diplomas of lawyers, economists or specialists in the field of transport. In this case, you will assign the title and guarantee all privileges to the serviceman.