In the system of municipal, district, regional Prosecutor's offices of the Russian Federation there are not only the prosecutors of the Russian Federation and their deputies, but also the assistants. The prosecution powers of each level are clearly defined in the legislation, but on the credentials of assistants in the legal acts does not say practically nothing. In practice, the assistant prosecutors by default perform only some of the functions and responsibilities entrusted to the Prosecutor. If necessary to provide additional authority to the assistant Prosecutor may issue a special order. So, such acts are often issued in the absence of the Prosecutor, when the responsibilities for implementation of its powers internally distributed between deputies and assistants.

The main powers of the Prosecutor

Any Prosecutor has the four main groups of powers, and ensures the appropriate participation of prosecutors in consideration of certain cases by the courts. In the Supervisory powers shall include:
1) supervision of execution of laws, the implementation of which the Prosecutor is free on the territory of official bodies, commercial organisations, imposes mandatory requirements, causing officials;
2) supervision of the execution of rights, freedoms, during which the Prosecutor dealt with the complaint, being educated, taking steps to initiate criminal and administrative cases;
3) supervision of implementation of laws by competent authorities which implement the operational-search activity, conduct a preliminary investigation, inquiry;
4) supervision of execution of laws in places of execution of punishments, in which the Prosecutor visits places of detention, examines their living conditions, makes demands of the administration of the respective institutions.

The powers of the assistant attorney

The primary function of the assistant Prosecutor is immediate execution of orders of the public Prosecutor and his deputies. That is why the employee is not entitled as a General rule powers of attorney. However, such powers may be handed to him on the basis of special orders or job descriptions. In addition, widespread temporary appointment of assistant Prosecutor powers of prosecutors themselves at the time of illness, vacation, other absence of the officials.