To get a job in the Prosecutor's office , you must obtain a diploma of higher legal education. It would be in the process of studying to pass the evaluation or internship in relevant institutions and to have an idea of the work of law enforcement. In this case, do not be redundant of meeting with representatives of the organization and good recommendations from them.
The leading way to get a job in the Prosecutor's office remains the patronage acquaintances, relatives or friends. Well if they also work in the Prosecutor's office. This method is more effective than the previous one.
You can start working on the terms of public assistant attorney during the period of study. In this case, all responsibilities and methods of work will be known even before graduation. In addition, this work is paid and gives you the chance to gain experience and knowledge in the field of law enforcement.
Getting a job in the Prosecutor's office you need to prepare the needed documents. First, a diploma of education, further copies of passport, citizenship and marital status, information about the presence of a criminal record, or lack thereof, reference of the skin and venereal clinic of the absence of disease, a certificate from psychoneurological dispensary, pictures of at least 4 pieces of a certain format, to the military Prosecutor must provide a military ID to males.
Then you need to contact the human resources Department of Prosecutor's office and provide them to review the documents in accordance with the list. Often it is additionally required to go through a special interview, psychological tests. Jobs do not be afraid, they are held for one day and are tests for logical thinking and perception.
If the question of employment remains open, you include in the waiting list, the provision in the case of open vacant positions, your candidacy may be considered.
If in the Dean's office has an agreement with the prosecutors, there is a chance to get to a permanent place of work of those students who studied on a budgetary basis and finished school with excellent or good diploma. Such cases are not rare, so they need to know from the moment of receipt in Institute, University or Academy.