Write a statement which will reflect the essence of your business and identify the need for personal meetings with the Prosecutor. This document you carry in foster city Prosecutor's office and it will decide which of the Vice-Prosecutor should deal with your issue. If the case is particularly difficult, require a personal visit to the chief Prosecutor and find out when it can be done.
In some cities there is a special Deputy Prosecutor to work with citizens. If available, he must take every day, except weekends, during the working time. If there isn't one, each Vice has hours of personal reception on a certain day of the week. Knowing exactly who you need, make an appointment and come on the appointed day. The head of the Prosecutor's office is obliged to take ordinary citizens, not less than once a week, and information about the time of his admission shall be posted in available for reading.
Bring your passport or other identity document, and create a written appeal, which must be the essence of your claims. If you have visited any of the officers, take their written responses in order to quickly explain to the officer why you are turning to him. After talking with the Prosecutor, your written appeal must be registered and adopted decision on the consideration. If your question cannot be solved in office of public Prosecutor, you must explain where to go.
If you refuse to consider your question, and you think that truth is on your side, you have the right to complain to a higher authority, namely the Prosecutor General region. You can also contact the Internet reception on the website of the General Prosecutor's office and leave your question in this topic section.