You will need
  • For admission to the law faculty of any University, you will need knowledge of the following subjects: Russian language, Russian history and social studies. For these subjects you should choose the exams in 11th grade and hard to prepare for exams, because the competition for many law schools good schools is very high.
Social studies is a core subject for admission to law school. This item you must know not just fine, you have it well-versed and genuinely interested in them. With further study at the University you don't so much need a rating on this item when you receive, how much of the knowledge imparted at school.
History. Another profile subject. It represents a considerable challenge for many pupils, as you have to remember the dates, the causes of different events. But the appearance of the law without this knowledge is not enough. Suggest in preparation for high school and for final exams at school to focus not only on the study of Russian history, but world history.
Russian language. Is not a core subject, though usually for students of humanitarian specialties this exam gives good scores for admission. After all, to pass Russian language is much easier than history or social studies. However, a good knowledge of the Russian language will definitely need a lawyer, since he needs not only precision in speech, knowledge and observance of laws, but of marginal literacy in the documentation.
Some law faculties, for example, at the faculty of international law and one of the exams can be a foreign language. He either completes the specialized examinations of a University or for rent is the history of Russia.
Some universities in addition to the exam arrange for their students the internal examinations in core subjects. At the faculty of internal written or oral examination may be held in social studies, at least – on the history of Russia. To find out information about the availability and implementation of such tests should be in the admissions office of the chosen University or on its website.