Where he studied urology?

Many medical schools produce such specialists. So that you can browse the sites of institutions and medakademii, or call the admissions office of any University and you'll tell release whether they are certified urologists.

In General, urology are studying in any educational institution in health sector. After all, the course of urology of science that deals with problems of the urogenital system of the person consists of the study of anatomy, diseases and treatments of the urinary organs. But if in medical school go through the course in a matter of days, the institutions urology study years. This science includes a lot of subtopics: andrology, and Urogynecology, and geriatrically urology, and other disciplines. The urologist needs to know everything, because nobody knows what he will have to face during work.

What cures a urologist? Diseases and neoplasms of the kidneys, bladder, urinary tract; in addition, its competence to conduct a variety of investigations and surgical interventions. So a good urologist is a specialist mnogostanochnikov, well knowing the theory and knowing how to apply it in practice with a scalpel. However, if you want to become a doctor urologist, but to "cut" people you don't like, still do in medical school. Since you can get to the clinic or medical center to conduct outpatient appointments. But during the study still have to study anatomy and methods of operations, picking up a scalpel. However, to operate you will be mice, then cadaveric material, and after that you will need to do an internship in the operating room. And confirm your knowledge by completing an internship.

Job and salary of a urologist

If you graduated from medical school, you have several ways of employment. This is a hospital, clinic, private medical center or scientific (educational) institution. Accordingly, and work you will be operating either a urologist or doctor for outpatient care, either as a teacher or researcher. What will be your salary depends on where you work, and medical categories (to obtain it you need to withstand the relevant exam and then confirm their category or raise it once in five years).

Can a urologist to build a career? Yes, "up" from a simple doctor to a head of Department, and then taking a purely administrative position, not directly related to the treatment of people (for example, becoming the head of the health part or his Deputy). But you need to Citygate that career in this area will influence not only your personal qualities — a big plus in building a career in the medical field will be the presence of additional education (courses, specialties, etc.), scientific papers, publications and degrees.