Under existing rules, the chambers in each subject of the Russian Federation conducts qualification exams. Taking the exam to the qualification Commission, and the aim is to establish from the applicant the necessary advocacy skills.
The exam for the title of attorney allowed an individual who meets the requirements set forth in the Federal law "On advocacy in the Russian Federation". To apply for the exam should be the qualification Commission of the subject of Federation, where you are registered as a taxpayer of the unified social tax.
The qualification Commission the applicant should submit a package of documents: application, copy of identity document, application form, copy of labor book (with proven experience in the specialty of a lawyer), a copy of the diploma of higher legal education. In some cases, may require some other documents provided by legislation on advocacy. Copies of documents certified by a notary or institution of which they are issued.
Chairman of the qualification Commission shall convene its meeting, arrange for an audit of the submitted documents, appoint a qualification examination.
If the applicant has submitted all the necessary documents and meets the requirements of the law, he cannot be denied admission to the exam. Notice of the time and place of the qualification test, the applicant will receive ten days before the exam.
The qualification Commission adopts a decision on the admission of the candidate to the exam within a period not exceeding one month from the date of submission of applications.
The refusal to admit the candidate to the examination is possible only on the grounds specified in the law on the legal profession and not later than one month from the date of filing with the Commission. These grounds are: message the applicant information is false, incorrect paperwork, lack the aspirant has higher legal education or academic degree in the legal profession, the lack of a two-year work experience as a lawyer and in the absence of information on passing internship in a law education. Other grounds for refusal will be the recognition of the applicant as incapable, as well as the availability of outstanding conviction for committing an intentional crime.
The qualification exam consists of written answers to questions (test) and oral interview. The oral interview will be conducted on exam papers, each containing four questions. The applicant must select a card from among the spread out on the table and being prepared to answer in the same room no more than 45 minutes. The exam is not passed if one of the questions of the ticket applicant has demonstrated unsatisfactory knowledge.
According to the results of the examination validate the conclusion that tendered a qualifying exam or not delivered. The results are reported to the applicant on the day of completion of exam. Retaking the qualifying examination (in case of absence without good reason or a negative result) is allowed not earlier than in a year.