Report on the practical training can have a different structure (daily report, weekly report, month, etc.). But mandatory parts of any report are the introduction and conclusion.
Introduction to the practice includes the theoretical justification of this aspect of professional activities, goals that must implement the trainee in the process of their work. Those goals need to perform a number of tasks.
If in the methodological guide for the practical training does not provide specific goals and objectives, then come up with their own. Don't put yourself too the global objectives, your entire future report will be subordinated to the achievement , and at the end you should list how and how successfully they are implemented.
Formulate one or two goals and three or four tasks.
Specify where you will pass the practice (name, legal address of the enterprise).
If you pass the practice on humanitarian discipline, in the theoretical part of the introduction will reflect the concept and basic provisions which you practice. Define the concept of student-centered learning. Today this direction is officially recognized in the circle of experts and is considered the most progressive. But since this is a relatively young concept, light its main provisions in their work.
Wanting to show your creative potential, you can upgrade an existing approach to this kind of activity and to develop your own. If your immediate supervisor approves this idea, include a description of your approach in the introduction and focus on its novelty.
Do not try to quickly and superficially write an introduction to practice. Quality, well-structured and theoretically informed introduction will be your support during the writing of the entire report. Based on the theoretical framework generated in the introduction, you will be able to adjust its work-plan, to correct mistakes.