Externship – this is the time when you can use the highest institution of theoretical knowledge, and collect information necessary for writing the practical part of the thesis. Typically, practice takes place in various enterprises. You have the power to negotiate with any firm by themselves or choose from a list proposed by the supervisor.
Sending you to training, the head of the degree project gives the task, put before you certain goals and objectives to be achieved during the stay in practice. This information should thoroughly be reflected in your work.
At the time of stay in the company, the internship report should be your personal diary. Daily record information about what you were doing on probation, what results achieved, what are the problems solved and what methods used.
As undergraduate report is a practical work, it should be less theory and more calculations, formulas, different graphs and charts to illustrate your work. If you use formula, in the beginning of the report give a description of the meaning of a symbol is encountered in your report. This information you have the right to use the diploma.
If you showed up to practice with positive side, and you decided to use for further use in the company, such information must be recorded in the report. It will increase your final mark for the undergraduate or for graduate work.
In the report on undergraduate work must be written opinion from the company where you interned, and the tip of your head with offers for further employment.