You will need
  • computer;
  • - camera.
Prior to departure for training approve with the head of the list of goals and tasks set before you. So it will be much easier to structure the work. This section will be the first part of your internship report.
Start writing the report immediately after the start of the internship. If you postpone this work for the last day, you can forget many of the details. In addition, the last days of the internship is much more pleasant to devote more than the preparation of the report, and walks to interesting places or farewell party with new friends.
Break the main objectives of the internships into smaller steps. In the learning process describe how you solved certain problems. Be sure to focus on the difficulties you encountered. Separately mark the brightest of ideas, facts and skills that have proved helpful the most.
Throughout the internships carry a camera and take pictures. Try to not be boring. Find interesting details around, take pictures of co-training, and ordinary people that surround you. These frames will be a great addition to your report and will allow the supervisor to gain a more complete picture about your work.
List the main insights and results that you have achieved over the training period. Remember that any internship is of applied nature. Analyze how the obtained knowledge can be useful to you in practice. List the main recommendations and suggestions for the organization of training, which can be useful for the next participants.
Attach to the report all documents and materials you received during the internship. Make copies of various manuals, abstracts, handouts samples: it might be useful for work and learning.