You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - the medical insurance;
  • - extract from the patient card;
  • - certificate of deregistration in consultation by place of residence;
  • - the document proving the identity.
Despite this, many expectant mothers have problems to get on the accountif they are not registered in the same city or area.To perform this task, you must have a passport (or other identity document, e.g. a birth certificate) and valid medical insurance. The failure of the doctor or another representative of the women's consultations request to put you on the account on pregnancy is illegal.
Take a trip to the clinic at the place of residence and ask to make an extract from the patient card, medical surveillance, which must contain information about previously transferred and possible hereditary diseases, General health, immunizations etc Take the reference from female consultation in a place of registration that you do not stand them on the account ofE.
Armed with the necessary documents (passport and insurance policy, if any) come to a consultation at your place of residence. Write a letter to the chief physician of the clinic or head of the antenatal clinic. If you don't have medical insurance policy, in the case of injury or illness you will be able to provide only emergency medical care. If a pregnant woman suffers from diseases that require material costs (e.g., diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, etc.), the clinic (consultation), where it occurs in the moment, may request financial support from the place of her permanent registration, or to send to paid survey.
If you are refused:- refer the complaint to the Ministry of health;- call the hotline of the office for your district (the number can be found at the information Desk or via the Internet).
If you are not support, then pozvonyu in the Central Ministry of Health and Social Development. Refer to the law, specify the reason why you are refused in registration records, operate names and facts (it is important to know the surname, name, patronymic of the failed doctor).